Software Development

CISTCK has a complete range of software development services, we can maximize the potential of your existing software or web application and website or
introduce a new framework altogether.

In this ever-changing environment, keeping a competitive edge means being able to anticipate and respond quickly to changing business conditions. CISTCK is a global software development company providing IT solutions to enterprises worldwide. Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging business trends, CISTCK delivers a range of software development solutions that includes e-business solutions, enterprise applications, professional web site design and development, product engineering, Threat Intelligent Platform, Fraud Prevention Platform, CMS Softwares, Payment Gateway solutions, etc We study, design, develop, enhance, customize, implement, maintain and support various aspects of information technology.

We are a professionally recognized software development company having huge experience in developing custom software development and application development best match to your need and requirements. We have expertise in working with a variety of customers from companies to individuals. Our successful assignments with client companies have established our reputation as superior providers of IT solutions.
• Services offered by CISTCK includes Software development in Dot NET, Java, Paython, etc. Web designing & devlopment, Debt Collection Services, Appointment Reminder Services, Software Testing and QA, Remote Infrastructure Management, Shipping label integration services, Paypal integration services, Credit Card integration services, Mobile application development in Android and iPhone platforms, dedicated staffing services, time and attendance tracking solutions and much more.

• CISTCK is proud with Threat Intelligent Platform developed, Fraud Prevention Platform custom developed for Western Union in Kosovo, this platform is continously upgraded and its aim is to prevent different fraud and malicios transactions online (Sallami attack prevention, Scam Payments prevention, Geolocation checker, abnormal transaction prevention). Both platforms have Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence integrated with complex algorithms.

• CISTCK Software development department and engineering department is in its way to build a Smart Bed that aims to help individuals in need, this product may be used in hospitals and for prive use as well.

Mechatronics Engineering

• Hardware Design Services
• Electronic Design Services from Prototype – to – Production

CISTCK & fara Group is a product provider in the field of information technology developing local tailor-made products to the specific needs of the clients such as: PCB board, 3D Printer, CNC laser, CNC router, etc.

The Hardware design is a critical aspect of any electronic product success, as there is a need for efficient and sleek enclosures which would appeal to end user aesthetic sensibilities and functional requirements.

With more than 5 years of experience in designing mission-critical and consumer-grade embedded hardware designs, CISTCK in cooperation with Fara Group is well poised to make products which are reliable, efficient, intelligent and economical. We have worked on developing complex embedded control systems for industrial solutions. At the same time, we have also developed portable and power efficient systems for wearables, medical devices, home automation and surveillance solutions.

CISTCK as a company have an ecosystem of manufacturing partners who can help right from electronic prototype design, manufacturing and production in a small amount as prototype. CISTCK works closely with the Fara Group engineering company to make sure that the designs are optimized for testing (DFT) and manufacturing (DFM) to reduce design alterations on production transfer. CISTCK Software Architects design and develop software that makes hardware move independently.

CISTCK and Fara Group is in a process of development of a SMART BED Prototype that will integrate the complex algorithms for Machine Learning and Ai.

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