For Fintech

Fintech's Expanding Horizons

Financial technologies are at the edge of the future. Banking, insurance, money transfers are integral features of contemporary life. Private, commercial, national financial operations require fast, reliable, easy, and safe tools. New technologies offer to the financial world its word, making the fintech industry one of the driving forces of the global economy. At KindGeek, we are not just developing high-quality fintech applications that serve our customers, but also achieving our goal to make people’s lives better and easier, providing them with access to worldwide financial benefits.

What we offer

Financial web and mobile applications development

  • Digital banking
  • Digital payments
  • Banking
  • Supply Chain Finance


Investment Management & Brokerage Services

  • Invoice Finance
  • Personal Finance Software
  • Wealth Management Systems
  • Online Trading and Exchange Platforms
  • Blockchain

Why you should chose us?

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  • “Know Your Customer” Solutions (KYC)
  • Credit Scoring Solutions
  • P2P payments
  • Digital Money Transfer
  • Digital Payments
  • In-app currency
  •  Core banking system integration
  • Third-party API integration
  • Payment gateway and API
  • TSYS
  • Financial Fraud Management System


  •  Merchant solutions
  • Prepaid solutions
  • Maintenance and modernization of existing services
  • Insurance